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RMP is a scientific method
of measuring intrinsic motivation

Reiss Motivation Profile® is the first online psychometric tool that shows precisely what drives a person and influences their behaviour.

It diagnoses unconscious internal needs, that is, motivators that influence your everyday behaviours and decisions. Once satisfied, they allow you to achieve full professional effectiveness and personal happiness. If you feel demotivated or burnt-out, it is highly probable that your motivators are not satisfied.

What is the RMP study?

The RMP measures the key motivators that govern people’s professional and personal decisions. Anyone who wants to find out their RMP motivation profile fills in an online form with 128 statements. It takes just 25mins and the result is generated automatically.

After filling in the form, you receive a report with your strengths, development tips and a number of other pieces of information which are important for your professional and private life:

  • What is the best working environment for you?
  • What objectives will motivate you?
  • What is your strongest driving force?
  • How are you perceived by other people?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your comfort zone?
  • How to achieve FLOW?

You discuss the results during an individual development session with a certified RMP Master who helps you understand what affects your behaviour the most and why and helps you decide about what to do next.

This is what the RMP looks like

It is clear and simple. It shows your intrinsic motivation in the form of a chart. It is a unique combination of 16 needs with varying intensity.

Colours indicate the intensity of the need: orange is neutral, dark blue means high intensity and light blue ­– low intensity of the need. At the same time, the closer to the right or left side, the more the motivators affect a person’s behaviour.

small needs
(from -2,00 to -0,80)
neutral needs
(from -0,79 to +0,79)
large needs
(from +0,80 to +2,00)

We focus on the blue needs, because they drive people to act and affect their behaviour most. See an example of an RMP report

See an example of an RMP report

16 needs that all people share to varying degrees

The desire for influence of will
The desire for self-reliance
The desire for understanding
The desire for positive self-regard
The desire for structure and stability
The desire to collect things
The desire for upright character
The desire for social justice
Social Contact
The desire for companionship with peers
the desire to raise children and spend time with siblings
The desire for respect based on social standing
The desire to confront those who frustrate or offend us
The desire for aesthetic experiences
The desire to consume food
Physical Activity
The desire for muscle exercise
The desire to avoid experiencing anxiety and pain

6 reasons why RMP a reliable tool

The RMP presents a taxonomy of 16 basic human needs. It is an innovative and unique complex psychological tool studying motivation that meets all five scientific criteria of psychometric studies: validity, reliability, standardisation, objectivity and normalisation.

Crucially, the RMP motivation profile is relatively stable over time, which means that it can only change to a limited degree. You are born with these needs and over time they crystalise through influence from your parents, surroundings, and life experience:


The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the first online diagnostic tool that discovers intrinsic human motivation in a simple way.


The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the only scientific method of studying intrinsic motivation. The RMP test was developed on the basis of empirical research conducted by Professor Steven Reiss’ team at the Ohio State University. The results have appeared in 17 expert publications, including three in prestigious APA Journals.


The Reiss Motivation Profile’s® reliability and stability over time has been confirmed by four weeks of reliability studies and test-retests. The reliability assessment of all 16 measurement scales varies between 0.69 and 0.88. The Alfa Cronbach internal consistency varies between 0.71 and 0.92. Values above 0.7 indicate that the scale has good psychometric characteristics. You can find out more about the method and test-retest in scientific publications by Professor Steven Reiss.


The method is not sensitive to the “social adjustment” effect, that is, distorting responses on purpose in order to influence the result and obtain desired answers. This is measured by the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (MCSDS) and amounts to less than 3%, which is very low.


The Reiss Motivation Profile® describes human individuality. It does not group, categorise nor introduce any personality typology. There are > 6,000,000 possible combinations of motivators.


As opposed to personality tests the Reiss Motivation Profile® does not describe or evaluate behaviours. It studies why and how they happen. The RMP helps identify our natural predispositions and potentials which result from an individual value system.

Do you want to find out more about the RMP?

The RMP in scientific publications

Do you want to learn about the scientific basis for the RMP? Do you like reading scientific studies? You can find publications and articles here.

Get to know the RMP

RMP for business

On the basis of the RMP, we have prepared an innovative development program - Management by Individualization - which allows clients to achieve business objectives faster. This is possible thanks to an individual approach to people.

Companies and organisations which implement the Management by Individualization know exactly how to talk to, communicate with and motivate employees and make it natural for them to support the development functioning of the company.

Get to know the Management by Individualization

The RMP for trainers, coaches, managers and HR

Reiss Motivation Profile® is a powerful tool for raising awareness, but also building precise processes that allow customers or employees to achieve goals while maintaining deep commitment and high productivity. All this in accordance with individual needs, i.e. without fear of discouragement, burnout or frustration.

RMP Master certification is the only development programme of this type prepared by practitioners, for practitioners. The certification process covers a several stages and is focused on the practical application of the tool.

Become a RMP Master

The RMP for individuals and couples

People who know their motivation profile know how to act to be in harmony with themselves and better communicate with others.

Find out more

The RMP for young people

If you get to know your motivation profile before you choose your university or profession, you will be able plan you career in a more conscious way, on your terms.

Find out more

Spoken testimonies about the RMP

  • Wioleta Wojtunik
    New Distribution Network Director, Śnieżka SA

    “We liked the Reiss Motivation Profile, because it is precise, supported by research, and what is more, the results are easily interpreted. What convinced us to use the questionnaire was its universality and especially the constant nature of the motives over time.”

  • Alicja Gotowczyc
    President of the Board, Forum Mentorów

    “RMP is a great tool for building Mentor's awareness, supporting the effectiveness of the mentoring process and enhancing mentoring relationships.”

  • Marcin Grela
    Headhunter, Recruiter, Founder of the "Sales Angels" Network, 4Results

    “Thanks to the knowledge gained by running an RMP assessment, I was able to reduce the time spent verifying job candidates by 40%. From what I have learnt studying outstanding salesmen, results that they all are characterized with a high need for Social Contact and Status, and a medium or low need for Acceptance. In many cases, there was also a low need for idealism.”

  • Karolina Wołosowska
    Manager, Sales Network Competence Development Department

    “The use of the Reiss Motivation Profile tool strengthened the conscious passage of participants through the process of change that recently took place in our bank. And the participants’ curiosity related to the desire to get to know one's motivation profile resulted in a great commitment and drawing the right conclusions.”

  • Katarzyna Filipowicz & Sebastian Uciński
    Vice President of the Board and Dealership Director, Krotoski-Cichy

    “The Management Through Motivation 3.0 Project gave us great practical knowledge and tangible people management skills. additional training on the job has taught us to analyse our co-workers’ behaviour to increase their motivation and engagement.”

  • Łukasz Janas
    President of the Board, Vowos Sp. z o.o.

    “RMP allowed me not only to get to know myself better, but also to better understand my business partners. We often classify our client as a »difficult« one, while in reality there is no such thing. What really happens is we call those people »difficult« whose motivators and system of values are different to ours.”

  • Grzegorz Turniak
    Founder of Akademia Rekomendacji, Networking Expert, Founder of BNI Polska

    “RMP images the human motivation in a very precise and simple way. This allows us to diagnose in an accurate and effective way the areas in which we require training, our predispositions that should be developed and ways to motivate ourselves and others.”

  • Mariola Pilas-Kołodziej
    Regional Sales Director, ENEL-MED S.A.

    “Motivational profiling and other development measures allowed me to consolidate some information concerning myself and to gain some knowledge of the motivators of each of my team members. This has translated into better communication within the team and more effective team management.”

  • Agnieszka Spiżewska
    Founder of Little Lab

    “Others have beautiful homes, run record-breaking marathons, others have lots of money, and me? I don’t get any of this. Am I worse? I also can do anything, I just need to set about it differently, according to my motivation profile. Everybody is driven by something else. I am an idealist, so since I have founded an NGO working for the benefit of children, I’m in my element, and I know just why.”

  • Anna Maria Jaskólska
    Coach, HR Consultant

    “I have taken many personality questionnaires, but this one is different. Focusing on inner motivation, it helps you determine what you should pay more attention to in your professional life, how to make better use of your natural resources in order to make your life easier, and how to make your work more meaningful.”

  • Igor Belczewski
    Trainer, coach

    “RMP is a tool that allows you to answer the question whether and to what extent the environment in which we live every day is compatible with us, or if it requires changes. It helps in better job matching, especially when you are still looking for your niche in the labour market.”

  • Izabela Pahl
    Purchasing Director

    “I work at full speed managing a team. I am a mother of a 2.5-year-old boy. I am a married woman. I teach dance. I am an active sportswoman. Combining all these roles is not easy, but I would never give up any of them. When I received my RMP results I came to realize, that I can juggle my talents, which really charges my batteries.”

  • Jakub Orłowski & Justyna Łoś

    “We entered the study together, as we learned to communicate in order to achieve our goals. With research-based knowledge it is easier for us to understand each other and our mutual behaviour.”

  • Jolanta Christol
    President of the Business is Art Foundation

    “Even if you have already taken numerous personal development tests, it is still worth making the 20 minutes necessary to take the Reiss Motivation Profile. You will find out if you really know yourself. You can make some very interesting discoveries, especially if you discuss your results with a qualified Master.

  • Dr Małgorzata Brzeska
    Coach, Founder of

    “Everyone is motivated by a completely different thing. Why do we spend more time doing some things than others? It is worth knowing your motivators, in order to be able to make use of your strengths in a conscious way. I will definitely recommend this tool to my clients and friends interested in personal development.

  • Monika Camlet
    Coach, Entrepreneur

    “When you receive your results, everything becomes clear and understandable: you begin to understand your behaviour, both in the present and in the past. You also deepen the awareness of how wonderfully different people are, and that if they act differently to us, it does not mean they are wrong, and their behaviour results from what is important to them and not from the need to act against us. What a relief!”

  • Dorota Mucha

    “I have been a teacher for 25 years, and for 16 years I have been working with junior high school students. During this age range, students go through a tumultuous period of adolescence and it is very important that they encounter adults on their way who can understand their problems and behaviours.

    Participation in the RSMP workshop allowed me to look at my students from a completely different perspective. I started to understand their behaviour in different situations and I was thinking about how I could motivate them to act so that the goals I set for them are in line with their needs.”

  • Joanna Czerska-Thomas

    “The RSMP profile helped me get to know my child better. I know why he behaves the way he does in a given situation. But perhaps the most important thing for me is that I know what predispositions he has in his chosen areas – it will be easier for me to direct him in choosing a job.”

  • Aleksander Pirecki

    “My impression of the Reiss Motivation Profile is very favourable. The motivator combinations have turned out to be exceptionally accurate, and properly describing my personality traits. I will gladly use the information obtained through the RSMP when choosing a course of study or a future profession.”

  • Joanna Piwowarczyk

    “The Reiss Motivation Profile surprised me with how accurate the results were compared to my knowledge of my son’s personality, especially when it came to those aspects of it that I had criticized the most, such as his complete disdain for order.” The questions at the end of the report provide guidance on how to develop the spheres that are not so important to him right now.”

  • Kamila Wierzbicka
    Kamila Wierzbicka - High school graduate in 2017

    “I fully agree with my RSMP profile. If all students in my class had their profiles done, there would be no quarrels or conflicts, elections to the class council would make it possible to select someone who is most suitable for this.

    In junior high school, I performed tests of interests and predispositions, but during the test I was able to guess what the result would be, while doing RSMP I could not manipulate the answers because I did not know what the effect would be.

    The profile showed what my needs are and that low values are not a bad thing. After discussing the profile and coming home, I was excited about the result. When my mum saw my profile, she finally realized that some of my behaviours aren’t just my whims or cravings, but that this is just the way I am, and she should accept this.”

  • Karolina Marcinkowska
    Junior high school student

    “You lack faith in yourself? Spare 20 minutes of your time to take the Reiss Motivation Profile questionnaire. It will not only help you get to know and understand yourself better, but also will make you look in the mirror and say: I’m valuable.” Now I know there are things that I’m really good at.”

  • Melania Orzechowska
    PhD - Pedagogue

    “In my opinion, the RSMP is a win-win solution, as it not only allows to get to know the needs of young people, predict their behaviour, but it also indicates whom and how to motivate, and makes it easier for children and young people to choose the right path of education and their future careers. I think that in the long run, using the RSMP may significantly increase the quality of education.”

  • Mikołaj Sznaza
    Highschool Student

    “The meeting to discuss the results with my mum was very useful, because she could see for the first time what it is really that is in my head, and how I see the world. Now we understand each other better and know what to expect of each other and how to talk to each other.”

  • Paulina Radtke
    Highschool Student

    “The profile assessed my inner needs that I didn’t even know existed. We have discussed everything with my parents, and now we all have a better understanding that every human being is different and requires something else to feel happy and fulfilled. From now on, it’ll be easier for us to communicate and solve common problems.”

  • Monika Pujszo

    “The RSMP is a dream-come-true instruction manual to your child. As a parent, quite understandingly, I had had a vision of what was best for my child, but the test results came as a surprise.” Even more surprisingly, my son was not shocked at all, quite to the contrary – he agreed with everything the RSMP showed.”

  • Marzena Dembicka
    Trainer and Coach, owner of Pracownia Poznania Potrzeb

    “What benefits does it give to young people to learn their RSMP profile? They can base their way of learning, choosing a profession, way of living on their strengths. The youth learn how important it is to communicate with one another, even for “polar opposites”, which gives assumption for acceptance and tolerance to diversity. The most important thing that I have experienced many times is more effective communication between generations. Parents notice the individual needs of a teenager, and teenagers begin to understand what their parents' needs are. Then is the time to build strategies to meet the needs of both.”

A short history of the Reiss Motivation Profile®

In 1998, Professor Steven Reiss, a recognised expert in psychiatry and clinic psychology from the Ohio University developed the RMP method. The main objective was to scientifically understand human motivation, that is, the intrinsic motivators which influence people’s thinking and behaviour.

Using contemporary theories of motivation psychology, Reiss selected 500 factors which influence motivation and goal attainment. His scientific team sent surveys to 25,000 people on four continents, asking them to specify their motivations.

After a few years of studies, computer assisted analyses of results and in-depth interviews, Professor Reiss’s team ended up with 16 motivators that are appropriate for the whole global population. Next, questions were developed to verify these needs/motivators as precisely as possible. This is how Reiss’s motivation profile was created. In 2014, we brought the RMP method to Poland.

More about Professor Steven Reiss, RMP’s creator