Become an RMP Master

Work with clients with the only methodology that measures a person’s intrinsic motivation in a scientific way.

Take part in the certification as an RMP Master. This training is the only way to become certified to use the Reiss Motivation Profile® independently with clients. Elevate your authority in their eyes and join the elite group of RMP Masters who are the only ones who can use this scientific tool to help clients achieve their most ambitious goals.

What is the RMP certification based on?

Over the course of several days of training, you will learn about the RMP tool and how to interpret profiles to help everyone you work with break through the wall of limitations, “figure out” their true potential and bring about real change.

On the market you will find many tools for discovering talents, natural aptitudes or strengths. Unfortunately, you may know all these tools, but still not know the real answer to why a person does what he does and how he can achieve more, with less effort, doing it in accordance with his talents. Only RMP gives that answer, because it’s the only scientific measurement of intrinsic motivation. That’s why the RMP tool, this certification and the skills it will give you are so different from anything you know.

Certification is completed through an exam on the fourth day (in the onsite programme version) or on the fifth day (in the online version). After passing the exam, you receive the named title of Reiss Profile® Master. It authorizes you to use the tool independently in your professional work. We see from the stories of our RMP Masters that this certification opens up new career paths for them.

Deadlines in 2024

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RMP Master - Certification consists of 4 stages:


Preparation for certification

  • Before certification, you complete your RMP Motivation Profile, which you then discuss with a very experienced RMP Master.
  • At the latest two weeks before the certification date you get the materials you need to know and learn them: this is Professor Steven Reiss’ book “What Motivates You?”, and additional materials containing knowledge of 16 motivators.


Three-day (onsite version)
or four-day (online version) workshop

The workshop is 80% practical exercises. We want every participant to leave equipped with practical skills, learn not only the basis of the tool, but also use it in practice. Therefore, on the second day, we invite a guest to discuss his RMP profile together with the group. On the third day, each participant has the opportunity to conduct an RMP feedback interview.

Workshops content:

The knowledge you learn will earn you money and provide great value to your customers. Already on certification you will start implementing what we teach you. Therefore, you will quickly recoup this investment. See what you learn:


Professor Steven Reiss’ 16 motivators theory, research and theoretical foundations of methodology, positive psychology.


16 motivators (needs): analysis, examples, application.


Practical use of Reiss Motivation Profile® (case study, analysis of individual RMP profiles, couples and teams).


Selfhugging versus “blind spots”.


How to discuss RMP profiles (feedback session).


Practical use of the Reiss Motivation Profile® in working with business and individual clients.


Introduction to the online platform, a portal for Reiss Profile® Masters.


Practical element (discussing RMP profiles)

After the workshops, you will receive 2 RMP motivation profiles which will be available at your RMP account. You will conduct motivation profiling of two people that you choose. This can be people from your surroundings, from work or clients whom you would like to show your skills. The objective is to gather practical experience during the discussion of profiles and preparation for the exam.


RMP Master – Examination

The exam consists of three parts:
knowledge test, profile analysis and a presentation.

  • The first two parts take place before the last day of the certification, at a time selected by the participant. You need to know the RMP tool in detail and be able to discuss RMP profiles.
  • The presentation takes place on the last day of certification, a minimum 3 weeks after the certification workshops. This part is also practical and the objective is to put all your RMP knowledge together.

Why become a certified RMP Master?


RMP Master Certification

In the price of certification you get a package of RMP materials and profiles With a total value of more than PLN 2,300. Here they are:
  • Your RMP individual motivation profile before certification and a feedback session.
  • 2 RMP motivation profiles to be used at the third stage of certification
  • Training materials – in an online or printed version
  • A copy of the book by Professor Steven Reiss What motivates you? (in Polish)
  • Materials to be used with clients:
  • Refreshments and lunch (onsite version)
  • Master Academy – Substantive support after certification

The cost of participating in the certification is a one-time investment:

6,900 PLN net + 23% VAT

Conditions for participation

We care about the quality of education, and as a result, customers greatly appreciate working with RMP Masters. Therefore, this is not a certification for everyone.

Your predispositions for appropriate tool application need to be verified in order to be qualified for the RMP Master certification. Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can participate in the Certification if you meet these conditions:

  • You are at least 18 years old,
  • You have a university degree (Master’s, Bachelor’s or Engineering degree),
  • You are working in one of three areas: in a managerial position OR in HR departments OR as a trainer/coach,
  • you have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience.

Do you meet these conditions? Subscribe:

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We will confirm your participation within 48 hours. You will also receive a pro-forma invoice from us requesting payment up to 3 weeks before the scheduled certification date.

After you pay the invoice, we send you a link to make your RMP incentive profile, which you then discuss with a specialist. This way you will immediately see how a certified RMP Master (soon you!) works, test the tool “on your own skin” and see it through the eyes of the customer.

You will receive materials (two weeks before the certification date at the latest) to review before the training.

Meet the people involved in your certification

kasia janas ewa jochheim

Kasia Janas & Ewa Jochheim

Together, they brought the RMP tool to Poland. They run Instytut Durkalskiego, conduct development projects and devise new solutions. hey have the broad experience with the tool and are practitioners and trainers. They not only deal with RMP every day, but also know how to teach it. They will introduce you to the ins and outs of RMP profiling and teach how to use the tool.

Małgosia Burkat

Reiss Profile® Master, trainer, business practitioner. On an everyday basis, she works with individual and business clients. She creates and runs development programs using the unique knowledge of RMP. In the certification process, she supports participants in exercises and examination tasks and prepares them for independent practice.

Małgorzata Burkat
monika goszczynska

Monika Goszczyńska

She is responsible for organisation and administration at the Institute and is responsible for RMP certification. After certification, she will show you the RMP online portal. She is the person of first and last contact.

At all:

You will also meet other people who will work with you and give you feedback. On the third and fourth days, you will work on real RMP profiles and draw conclusions. These people will verify whether your analyses are correct, valid and assess how you cooperated.

Do you want to become an RMP Master?

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What about after certification?

Once the certification is completed you can develop further as an RMP Master taking part in:

  • RMP Pro® Business Master Certification Conveys knowledge of the application of RMP in business, including. how to implement RMP in organizations, how to build development processes based on an individual approach and how to work with the tool at various levels of the organization. Certification is being carried out online during 2 days (4 modules)
  • Certification as RSMP Master (Reiss School Motivation Profile®). is dedicated to career counselors, psychologists and youth workers. It is focused on additional skills to work with the tool with this specific target group.