The RMP for young people

Motivating and developing young people does not mean that they should be provided with different stimuli all the time. They should be stimulated in harmony with their internal needs (motivators). The RSMP (Reiss School Motivation Profile®) gives precise information about a person’s stimuli that are needed in order to learn with pleasure and act effectively.


Study of internal needs: RSMP profile + individual feedback session

Want to know your strengths? Do you have specific questions about choosing a career path, relationships with loved ones or development?

1 After ordering and completing the online survey, you will receive your individual RSMP Motivational Profile and a detailed report (42 pages). You will learn about your internal needs, strengths and weaknesses and what motivates you.

2 During an individual feedback session, your results will be discussed and analysed by a certified RMP Master, who will answer any questions about the RMP study, and explain your internal needs and detailed motivation. They will help draw conclusions and decide what to do next. The interview lasts about 60-90 minutes and takes place in person or remotely (by phone or Skype), without the participation of parents or guardians.

3 On the basis of the RSMP report, you can (together with the certified RSMP Master) work out your individual learning path and professional profiling.


Study of internal needs: RSMP profile + feedback session with parents or custodians

Want to know your strengths? Work on relationships together with loved ones? Analyze the various options for choosing a profession?

1 After ordering and completing the online survey, you get a customized RSMP Motivational Profile and a detailed report (42 pages). From it you will find out what your internal needs are, your strengths and weaknesses, and what motivates you and to what extent.

2 Individual feedback session, i.e. discussion and analysis of the RSMP survey results by a certified RMP Master who will answer questions about the RMP survey, your internal needs and details of your motivation. It helps to draw conclusions or take the direction of your development path. The interview lasts about 60 minutes and takes place in person or remotely (by phone or Skype) at your convenience. It can take place with parents or guardians.

3 On the basis of the RSMP report, you can (together with the certified RSMP Master) work out your individual learning path and professional profiling.

What you'll find in RMP's youth profile

The choice of profession and of your path of training is one of the most difficult choices to make in life. What to go for if you don’t yet know what fascinates you, what you are really good at? Friends, parents and teachers may advise based on their own experience. To choose properly, it is useful to have your own perspective.

The Reiss School Motivation Profile® allows you to learn about your strengths, so you can more easily determine which career directions are close to you and in which professions you will feel fulfillment and satisfaction.

School and parents usually stigmatize the shortcomings and weaknesses of a young person. They focus more often on them than on developing the youth’s talents and predispositions. This is why in adult life we find it so difficult to find and indicate our strengths. RSMP enables us to discover them already in the teenage years. From then on, we can start working on our ambitions by setting challenges depending on our needs and desires.

On their first day at school almost every child wants to study. Unfortunately, school often kills this motivation. This is partly because many schools favor one selected personality type of child: ambitious, truthful, orderly and with high self-esteem.

What about those children who do not fit the model? They are often in trouble because they are unable to meet their parents’ and teachers’ expectations. And yet not every child is equally curious and inquisitive, not every child will prepare for the tests in advance. Therefore, the forms of teaching should be, at least moderately, modified, taking into account the diversity of students’ personalities. The only thing to do for parents and teachers is to get to know the child’s life motives, and then try to adapt the form of learning to their needs.

Professor Steven Reiss has identified six life motives that are responsible for unsatisfactory results at school:

Link to the article Reiss Institute article

Reiss School Motivation Profile is a proven tool used by professional advisors. A certified RSMP Master discusses the combination of the teenager’s intrinsic needs. Based on that, they work together to determine the best course of development / choice of career for a person with such a combination of needs, performing a number of professional profiling exercises. A young person under the supervision of a specialist, has the opportunity to take up challenges in accordance with his or her personal values, without seeking advice from peers or social media.

The Reiss School Motivation Profile tool is highly estimated by parents and guardians. Knowing a young person’s motivational profile helps them better understand his behavior, choose the right form of learning, learn about the causes of problems at school and increase self-acceptance. By knowing your child’s motivational profile, you can actively support them in setting and achieving their goals.

Reiss School Motivation Profile® (RSMP) is an assessment of young people’s intrinsic needs. It explains the reasons behind their behaviour, their predispositions, talents and also the kind of stimuli they need. The knowledge gained by tests indicates the reasons behind learning problems, and at the same allows to choose the appropriate forms of education. It helps teachers and social workers to better understand the youth, facilitate their self-acceptance and motivate them properly.

Ordering an RMP study step by step


Select the type of study and press “order profile” to go to the store and place your order. Remember to give the correct e-mail address, This way, the link to the study is sure to come to you.

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Within 12 hours after payment is credited, you will receive a link to the RMP study.

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Complete the questionnaire at your convenience on a computer or other device with Internet access. It will take you about 25 minutes.

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Within 12 hours of completing the questionnaire at the latest, we will send an incentive profile and a detailed report to your email address.

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At the same time, we will contact you to schedule an individual profile discussion, which is usually held online, at a time convenient for you.

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