RMP for business - RMP Workshop for the team

How to create an effective, well-communicated and committed team despite personality differences? How to manage this diversity? This is one of the solutions of modern managers. RMP motivational profiling allows you to create a map of the needs of individual team members, what unites them and what divides them. For the manager of such knowledge, the basics of access to the needs available. RMP helps you access the tool to gain its benefits for the manager, the entire team and its application in practice.

Who is it for?

Manager, unnecessary:

  • Your team is ineffective
  • There is a bad atmosphere there
  • There is a lack of tolerance for other employees’ differences
  • Employees do not cooperate with each other

then we invite you to a workshop where we will improve the quality of cooperation in your team thanks to the most reliable and effective employee management tool. Thanks to this, your team will soon become more than just a group of employees, and you will achieve this effect without devoting a lot of additional time and attention to them. Managing such a team is a great pleasure for a manager.


  • Assigning and delegating tasks will become easy.
  • The number of conflicts in your team will decrease.
  • Team members will begin to understand and get along better.
  • You will achieve synergy between employees more easily.
  • Employees will begin to act with greater motivation and commitment, which will translate into results.
  • You will discover the potential and talents of individual employees.
  • When you take over a new team, you will get to know each team member’s needs, values, and strengths in-depth before you even meet them.
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How the RMP workshop works

  • Motivational profiling of each workshop participant

Each participant takes the RMP motivation profile, which is then individually discussed with them.

  • Workshops

2 modules, each with a different focus, are conducted online or stationary, depending on the client’s needs.

Content of the workshop

Module 1: Me and my motivation

  • Needs – the key to understanding your own and others’ behavior
  • Effective communication and why am I surrounded by idiots?
  • Self-motivation and self-development: how to manage in harmony with yourself

Module 2: We as a team

  • What is Management by Individualization?
  • What unites us, what divides us? Analysis of the team profile
  • Developing a “Team Manual”
  • Developing an individual way of communication in the team
  • Conflicts and tolerance
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