RMP is the only scientific one
measurement of measuring intrinsic motivation

Reiss Motivation Profile® is the first online psychometric tool that shows precisely what drives a person and influences their behaviour.

When it comes to decisions about choosing a profession, school or job change, it is better not to rely on intuition or the opinions of others, but on your strengths and natural predispositions. But is it possible? Yes, because RMP is probably the only tool in the world with such practical applications and a strong scientific basis.

What is the RMP study?

RMP is so effective because it is strongly based on scientific research. The result is learning about 16 unchangeable motivators (of different intensity for each person) that guide your internal motivation, and therefore your life. Therefore, the key to any effective change is to get to know the 16 needs that each of us has and learn to use them skillfully.

16 motivators that every person has

Here are 16 life motivators discovered by prof. Steven Reiss after many years of international research. Every person has these motivators, but their intensity is different for each person. Taking into account the number of possible combinations of motivators, there is probably no other person in the world with an identical motivational profile, i.e. the values ​​of these 16 life motivators, as you.



the desire for influence
of will

niezaleznosc motywator rmp


the desire for self-reliance

ciekawosc motywator rmp


the desire for understanding

uznanie motywator rmp


the desire for positive self-regard

porzadek motywator rmp


the desire for structure and stability

gromadzenie motywator rmp


the desire to collect things

Honor v.4


The need for loyalty to principles



the desire for social justice

kontakty spoleczne motywator rmp

Social Contact

the desire for companionship with peers

rodzina motywator rmp


the desire to raise children and spend time with siblings



the desire for respect
based on social standing

rewanz motywator rmp


the desire to confront those who frustrate or offend us

piekno motywator rmp


the desire for aesthetic experiences

jedzenie motywator rmp


the desire to consume food

aktywnosc fizyczna motywator rmp

Physical Activity

the desire for muscle exercise

spokoj motywator rmp


the desire to avoid experiencing anxiety and pain

This is what a motivational profile looks like
Reiss Motivation Profile®

It is clear and easy to interpret. It shows your intrinsic motivation in the form of a chart. It is displayed as a unique combination of 16 life motivators of varying intensity.

The RMP Profile

The colors indicate how strong each motivator is: orange is neutral, navy blue is big life motivators, and blue is small life motivators. At the same time, the closer to the right or left side, the more the motivators affect a person’s behaviour.

small need

(-2.00 to -0.80)

neutral need

(-0,79 to +0,79)

large need

(+0,80 to +2,00)

We focus on life motivators marked in blue, because they drive people to act and have the greatest impact on behavior.

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What questions?
Will RMP give you an answer?

Do you feel dissatisfied with where you are, want to change something, but don’t know how? RMP helps you achieve your goals faster, with less effort. And even when you work at full speed, you still have charged “batteries” because you do what you internally agree with. So what do you want to help yourself with first?

  • Plan your career path?
  • Manage your team more effectively?
  • Help your clients achieve their development goals so that the fruits of cooperation with you stay with them for a long time?
  • Can you get along better with your partner – in business and family life?
  • Ensure optimal cooperation with everyone you meet on your professional path?
  • Achieve a long-lasting sense of happiness and self-fulfillment?
  • Introduce lasting changes in yourself?
  • Motivate yourself and others to change?
  • Get along with others without giving up your needs?

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How does RMP differ from other tests and tools?

Classic psychological tests, even the most popular ones, are not enough today to base one’s decisions in the most important life matters on the knowledge they provide. Why? Let us show you the differences between RMP and other tests you may have heard of:

1. RMP does not diagnose features but internal needs. It is internal needs that are the source of human behavior. Only on their basis will you accurately determine a person’s motivators.

2. RMP does not put you in a bag with a label, it does not say, you are this or that. Instead, it shows on a scale the individual intensity of 16 internal needs – motivators, which is unique to each person.

3. RMP is based on the proven theory of prof. Steven Reiss. This is the only scientifically verified method for diagnosing the high needs of post-natal life. Psychometric measurement.

4. RMP is an American tool, available in 22 languages ​​and used on six continents. You will successfully apply them in a multicultural and international environment.

5. The RMP was adapted in Poland in accordance with the author’s recommendations, and the quality of the psychometric measurement is verified on an ongoing basis.

6. RMP is resistant to intentional manipulation of responses and meets all soundness criteria for psychometric psychological tests.

6 reasons why RMP a reliable tool

The RMP presents a taxonomy of 16 basic human needs. It is an innovative and the only such a comprehensive psychological concept examining motivation that meets all 5 scientific criteria relating to psychometric research: validity, reliability, standardization, objectivity and normalization.

The RMP Incentive Profile is relatively stable over time, which means it may change, but only slightly. We are born with these needs, and during life these needs crystallize under the influence of the environment, experiences and experiences.


Reiss Motivation Profile® is the first online tool diagnosing a person’s intrinsic motivation. The RMP motivation testing process is standardized, and the intensity of 16 motivators is developed algorithmically and objectively interpreted.


Reiss Motivation Profile® results are reliable. This was confirmed by tests of internal consistency and stability over time. You can read more about the reliability of the RMP psychological motivation test in the original scientific publications of prof. Steven Reiss.


The Reiss Motivation Profile® results are spot on. This is confirmed by independent studies of convergent, discriminant and criterion validity, which are described in more detail in peer-reviewed scientific articles and publications by prof. Steven Reiss and other scientists and practitioners using RMP.


Reiss Motivation Profile® is a psychometric test that was adapted in Poland in accordance with the recommendations of the author – prof. Steven Reiss. RMP has standards that are subject to ongoing verification. The current norms of the RMP psychological test are from 2022.


Motivational testing with the RMP psychological test is highly resistant to manipulation of responses in order to influence its result. The impact of this effect measured using the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale for the RMP psychometric test is below 3% and is small.


RMP is a questionnaire diagnosing internal motivation, which allows you to learn about your natural predispositions and potential. RMP does not group, categorize, or be limited by personality typology. It shows the individuality of man. The number of possible combinations is encoded_tag_closed >43,000,000.

konflikt motywacyjny

Learn the science behind the tool

You can find publications and articles here.

Want to start with a book?

If you like reading and want to learn better about the innovative method of examining internal motivation, order the book “What motivates you?”. This is the first step to understanding your internal motivators, natural needs and strengths. And once you learn how they work, it will help you lead a more fulfilling life.

A short history of the Reiss Motivation Profile®

In 1998 Professor Steven Reiss, a recognised expert in psychiatry and clinic psychology from the Ohio University developed the RMP method. The main objective was to scientifically understand human motivation, that is, the intrinsic motivators which influence people’s thinking and behaviour.

Using contemporary theories of motivation psychology, Reiss selected 500 factors which influence motivation and goal attainment. His scientific team sent surveys to 25,000 people on four continents, asking them to specify their motivations.

After a few years of studies, computer assisted analyses of results and in-depth interviews, Professor Reiss’s team ended up with 16 motivators that are appropriate for the whole global population. Next, questions were developed to verify these needs/motivators as precisely as possible. This is how Reiss’s motivation profile was created. In 2014, we brought the RMP method to Poland.

More about Professor Steven Reiss, RMP’s creator