katarzyna janas ewa jochheim

Ewa Jochheim

Founder & CEO, Marketing and Sales

I am a creative optimist with lots of energy. I teach my sons tolerance…

and openness and I follow the principle that in order to be happy, you need a little bit of egoism. I am motivated by the possibility of self-determination and having an impact on the world around me, as well as by the people that I work with.

I studied economy at the University in Munich, later I worked in M&A, consulting for German-listed companies. I learned the importance of work ethics, networking and creative thinking. I have worked on people’s development for the last ten years and now I understand that you need motivation and passion for what you do to be satisfied. I like sharing my knowlegde, I publish and write about management through individualisation, I wrote the book “Chcieć, móc, potrafić. Dlaczego ludzie nie robią tego co powinni?“.

Katarzyna Janas

Founder & CEO, Project Management

I am open to challenges and I love situations in which others give up and do not believe it will happen. I help them discover…

their strengths so that they DO believe in themselves. I appreciate directness and cooperation with people. I am Miss Independent, and my children rub my nose in it, so I learn all the time. I am full of energy, I love travelling and changing perspectives. I choose action and I get bored quickly.

This is probably why I studied at three universities: The Military University of Technology in Warsaw, University of Szczecin and Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen, Germany. I graduated from German philology, and my passion is management and psychology. I acquired professional experience working in business, telecommunication, IT and the media.

Our team

Małgorzata Burkat

Margaret Burkat

Business Channel Manager
RMP Instructor

grzegorz boguszewski

Grzegorz Boguszewski

Project Manager
RMP Master

monika goszczynska

Monika Goszczyńska

Office Manager
RMP Master

Kamila Mazurek RMP Master

Kamila Mazurek

Marketing Manager
RMP Master

Consultants and trainers

Where do we come from?

My friend’s husband came back from a business trip in Vilnius very excited, because he met a wonderful woman from Poland there, Kasia, and he said we had to meet. It was spring 2007, at the campus of the university in Munich.

A few months later, I was sitting with Kasia in the centre of Warsaw, and we were preparing our first training project.



The first training project

For six years after the first meeting, we ran many training sessions together and drew one frustrating conclusion: everyone participated in the same training, but few were successful…

People came back to their desks and forgot 90% of the knowledge, and training was like a dietary regime for the companies: they gave the necessary tips, but could not dissuade people in the long term from eating a plate full of donuts.



Looking for an answer

We were looking for an answer: what is the impetus, what makes some people achieve their objectives and others not, and how can we permanently change behaviours?

These questions led us to the Reiss Motivation Profile®. It was our Eureka! moment. We knew instantly that it would give us the answer to current business problems.



Foundation of Instytut Durkalskiego

A few months after the first talk with Professor Steven Reiss, the American creator of the tool, we founded Instytut Durkalskiego RMP Polska.

katarzyna janas steven reiss meggi reiss ids publishing

Soon, it turned out that despite RMP success on Western markets, Polish organisations were not ready to embrace such an individual approach to employees not such an innovative tool for the study of intrinsic motivation.


Popularising the RMP tool in Poland

We started by selling RMP tests. Next, we added training, seminars, team-building events and many workshops on motivation in business and private life, for all sectors, for the groups between 6 and 200 people.

But something was still not right. After positive feedback from customers, once the training or workshop finished, we did not hear back from them. The feedback that we received after a few weeks was very sad: the client was not able to implement the changes or activities worked out during the training alone, and the schemes of everyday life remained unchanged.



Management by Individualization

We needed a new approach and basis for training support. We needed a programme for permanent behavioural change and long-term improvement of team effectiveness. This is how we created the Management by Individualization.

The Management by Individualization is a complete programme based on the practice of new skills, constant evaluation of progress and supporting presence of experts who establish and strengthen new concepts. The main axis is the Reiss Motivation Profile®.



Online certification

From May, in addition to the stationary certification, we also offer online certification.

For the sake of the highest substantive and practical value, online certification takes four days. This is one day longer than the stationary certification.



Managerial Academy

In response to a growing number of inquiries from people who want to develop their managerial competencies and skills, we are launching an open program aimed at managers.

This is our proprietary program dedicated to both experienced managers and those preparing for promotion to managerial positions. We provide modern and unique knowledge on a global scale – Management by Individualization – in the most transparent and practical way.



RMP store

Our store is taking off! Books, ebooks, audiobooks, accessories for RMP Masters and trainers, as well as some of the services. You can conveniently order all this in one place.

Don’t let good promos and news information pass you by. Stay in touch with us!



Refresher RMP

We are reaching out to RMP Masters who want to refresh their knowledge or gather further valuable experience. From now on, they can take part in RMP Master certification again.

The cost is only 10% of the regular RMP Master Certification price. Worth it! Report participation.



RMP Pro® Business Master Certification

The first edition of the certification for advanced business-focused RMP Masters – RMP Pro® Business Master – is behind us.

In two days loaded with practical knowledge, we will teach you how to implement RMP in organizations, build development processes based on a customized approach, and work with the tool at different levels of the organization.



New edition of our book

The very well-received book To Want, To Be Able, To Be Able quickly lived to see a second edition. Now you can find it under the title How to build committed teams?

Also available as an ebook and audio.



First National Convention of RMP Masters

Interesting keynote speeches, practical discussions of case studies, sharing of knowledge and experiences, talks and networking, unique books and accessories for trainers, beautiful venue, tasty food… Like no one, we know that everyone has different needs, so we made sure that everyone will find something for themselves and feel like they belong!



New book in RMP Poland

Discover the Power of Inner Needs is an inspiring and practical guide for all those involved in development activities. Written by the CEO of RMP Poland – Katarzyna Janas in cooperation with the most experienced RMP Master – Joanna Religa.



10 years of RMP Poland!

It’s been 10 years! We find it hard to believe that it’s already been a decade since RMP Poland’s Durkal Institute was founded! Our thoughts run to those exciting beginnings and, naturally, to the figure of Professor Steven Reiss, thanks to whom we have today an invaluable tool, the Reiss Motivation Profile® questionnaire. We found a video that was very encouraging at the time – the professor was very happy that his method would also be available in Poland. A personal attitude to our country also resounds here – the professor’s wife has Polish roots.

We plan to celebrate this event in October and blow out 10 candles among our Masters, the people who make up our strong, inspiring and ready to share community. Details coming soon! So we’re counting down nine months to a lavish celebration. We will be recalling some of the events in the life of the institute. For the 10th anniversary it appears #10yearRMP with which we will mark all our posts in 2024, so that it will be easy to follow our memories and news.

Where are we now?

We spread RMP in Poland, we run the RMP Master certification programme, offer development activities for individuals and organisations, we publish. We conduct development programmes in an evidence-based model, adapted to individual business processes. The RMP, driven by the scientific measurement of intrinsic motivation helps us increase individual effectiveness of employees.

We continue to hear that what we offer is utopia – impossible to implement in “this or that” organization. But fortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare. We observe that the willingness to cooperate grows in direct proportion to the problems faced by our clients. The time for training is running out, and more and more companies are looking for alternatives (no, blended learning is not a true alternative to training).

We are personally engaged in every project. We always remain at the client’s disposal ― we meet, talk, ensure the best quality. Everything that we do needs to be simple. Poland is one of six countries with an exclusive licence to use the RMP methodology in business.

Where are we heading?

We are constantly trying to perfect Management by Individualization (MBI). At the same time, we are taking it to other countries abroad. We have created an approach that effectively helps prepare organizations for the challenges of the future. New generations who enter the labour market want every employee to be treated like a unique, original individual. They want to be respected and develop in harmony with themselves. We know how to do it and we teach it.