How to build engaged teams? – book by Ewa Jochheim, Iwona Kokoszka

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A must-have for people who understand how important it is to build team commitment and individualization in employee management. Because proper team chemistry is more important than good ideas!

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Building team engagement has never been so easy!

Research says that 58% of employees come to a company solely to get paid and not be fired. Skillful building of team commitment means that work ceases to be an unpleasant duty and becomes a source of satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment. The concept described in the book not only allows you to effectively improve results and motivate employees, but also makes people willing to come to work.

In the book “How to build engaged teams?” every manager will find specific tips ready to be used in any organization and will learn how to manage a team in an individual way. This new approach to management involves learning about human motivators and then taking them into account in the management process. This concept was built on the basis of the research results of prof. Steven Reiss, who defined 16 universal needs that guide the decisions and behaviors of every person. Prepare for the challenges of the future with management through customization.

This manager’s toolkit includes:

  • 31 tips on how to set and communicate goals so that employees want to act;
  • 31 ways on how and what to praise employees to maintain their willingness to act;
  • 31 ways to select appropriate tasks that do not cause stress to your team members;
  • 22 natural work and management styles that define individual effectiveness;
  • Reiss’s 16 internal needs self-assessment test.

“How to build engaged teams?” is the second edition of the book “Want, be able, able” from 2019.

The book is also available as an ebook and audiobook. Additional material in the form of practical exercises can be downloaded on the website


Publisher: RMP Polska Instytut Durkalskiego Sp. z o.o.
Year of release: 2023
Type: book
Cover: soft with flaps
Number of pages: 320
Format: 17 x 24 cm