RMP for business - RMP Workshop for managers

Thanks to RMP, an individual approach to employees, teams and the entire organization is possible. The tool allows you to precisely determine the individual needs of employees, their talents and values. In addition, the manager can better understand himself, his management style and determine his development potential. Only in the next step is it worth working on communication, delegating tasks and setting goals that will be consistent with these values ​​(internal motivators).

Who is it for?

If you are a manager, management board member, middle- and senior-level employee who manages employees and teams, this workshop for managers is for you. This is a workshop for developing managerial competences, for those who have been managing people for years, as well as those who are just starting out as managers.

We recommend it when quick results are needed. Especially when the team is difficult, diverse and consists of representatives of different generations. But also when a manager manages an already well-coordinated team and wants to create an even more motivating work environment.

Why did we create this workshop?

Setting goals according to the SMART method is no longer enough. They must, above all, be consistent with the internal needs of employees. Only then can they stimulate their internal motivation and increase their level of commitment to achieving goals. RMP gives the manager these opportunities because it allows them to formulate tasks in such a way that they respond exactly to their needs.

Thanks to RMP, you can learn and satisfy individual employee motivators, thereby stimulating their internal motivation and increasing the level of commitment. Only then will their work be easier and more enjoyable. In these conditions, employees become fully effective and use their full potential.

During the workshop

  • You will learn how to create a motivating work environment for each employee and the entire team.
  • You will learn how to conduct meetings with employees and teams.
  • How to conduct annual and review interviews.
  • How to give positive and negative feedback.
  • What are the most effective ways and methods of self-development and self-motivation tailored to the individual values ​​and talents of the employee and manager.
  • You will learn how to engage each employee, how to set goals that motivate them and how to give feedback.
  • You will increase the effectiveness of issued orders by adapting the method and content of communication to the employee’s needs.
  • You will learn the latest methods of managing employees based on their individual needs.
  • You will learn and start consciously using your unique management style to increase your and your team’s effectiveness.
  • You will start using innovative and effective team management tools.
  • You will learn how to individually engage employees, set goals and provide feedback.
  • You will learn how to issue orders tailored to any employee in terms of content and method of communication.
RMP dla menedżerów

How is the workshop going?

  • Motivational profiling of each workshop participant.

If you want to achieve better results as a manager, understanding the deeper motivations of your employees is necessary. The starting point is the RMP motivational profiles. Therefore, each workshop participant performs RMP profiling, and during an individual feedback session his RMP profile is discussed with him.

  • Workshops

The 3 modules, each with a different focus, are conducted online or in-person, depending on the client’s needs.

Managers are generally very busy people, it is difficult to keep track of their calendars, so the training is conducted online or stationary, depending on your needs and possibilities.

Content of RMP workshops for managers

Module 1: Me and my motivation

  • Needs – the key to understanding your own and others’ behavior
  • Effective communication and why am I surrounded by idiots?
  • Management by Individualization – as a development of previously used management styles
  • Manager’s self-motivation and self-development: how to manage in harmony with yourself

Module 2: Individual employee management

  • How to individually set goals (not just annual) for an employee
  • How to conduct recurring (weekly) conversations with employees with internal needs in mind
  • How to conduct debriefing meetings and how to conduct annual interviews with employees
  • How to give positive and negative feedback individually

Module 3: Individual team management

  • How to conduct periodic (weekly) conversations with the team in accordance with their needs
  • How to show appreciation in accordance with individual needs
  • How to build a motivating and engaging work environment based on employees’ internal needs