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Become an RMP Master

Get to know the methodology which can be applied as broadly as possible, both in business and individually.

Do you want to use the Reiss Motivation Profile® with your clients and become a Reiss Profile® Master? Join the RMP Master certification ― training which allows you to use the Reiss Motivation Profile® methodology in your professional practice.

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About certification

During the certification process, you will get to know the RMP tool in depth, learn the foundations, how to interpret RMP profiles and acquire practical knowledge about its use.

Certification is completed through an exam on the fourth day (in the onsite programme version) or on the fifth day (in the online version). Once you pass, you will become a Reiss Profile® Master, which will allow you to use the tool independently in your professional practice.

How will you benefit from
the RMP Master certification?

You will obtain
an RMP Master certificate
which will allow you to use
the methodology independently.
You will gain access
to a knowledge base
about intrinsic motivation.
You will
get to know
fantastic people.
Your will enrich
your skills and tools
with a specialist psychometric tool.
You will acquire
new skills
that allow you
to work with people
in a more professional way.

Conditions for participation

The certification is
not for everyone...

Your predispositions for
appropriate tool application
need to be verified in order to be qualified
for the RMP Master certification.
Applications are considered
on a first-come-first-served basis.

Interns and junior-level staff
will probably not be able to use the knowledge
at that stage of their careers,
but are welcome in a few years!

You need to meet
the following conditions

to participate
in the certification:

  • you are over 18,
  • you have
    a higher education degree
    (MA, BA or Eng.),
  • you work in one of three roles:
    as a manager, in HR
    or as a trainer/coach,
  • you have a minimum of 5 years
    of professional experience

What does the process look like?

The RMP Master certification consists of 4 stages:

Preparation for certification

  • Before the certification, you take your RMP motivation profile, which is individually discussed with you. This is how you can get to know the tool personally.
  • No earlier than 2 weeks before the certification, you will receive materials to familiarise yourself with and learn. You will receive Professor Steven Reiss’s book “What motivates you?”, as well as additional materials about the 16 motivators.

Three-day (onsite version)
or four-day (online version) workshop

80% of the workshops are practical exercises. We want every participant to leave equipped with practical skills, learn not only the basis of the tool, but also use it in practice. This is why on the second day, a guest is invited and their RMP profile is discussed by the group. On the third day, every participant can conduct an RMP feedback session.

Workshops content:

The theory of Professor Steven Reiss’ 16 motivators, scientific research, theoretical basis of the methodology, positive psychology
16 motivators (needs): analysis, examples, application
Practical use of the Reiss Motivation Profile® (a case study, analysis of RMP profiles of individuals, couples and teams)
Self-hugging and “blind spots”
Profiling specific people, such as coaches, salespersons, managers
How to discuss RMP profiles (feedback session)
Practical use of the Reiss Motivation Profile® with business and individual clients
Introduction to the online platform, a portal for Reiss Motivation Profile® Master

Practical element (discussing RMP profiles)

After the workshops, you will receive 2 RMP motivation profiles which will be available at your RMP account. You will conduct motivation profiling of two people that you choose. This can be people from your surroundings, from work or clients whom you would like to show your skills. The objective is to gather practical experience during the discussion of profiles and preparation for the exam.

Exam to become an RMP Master

The exam consists of three parts: knowledge test, profile analysis and a presentation.

  • The first two parts take place before the last day of the certification, at a time selected by the participant. You need to know the RMP tool in detail and be able to discuss RMP profiles.
  • The presentation takes place on the last day of certification, a minimum 3 weeks after the certification workshops. This part is also practical and the objective is to put all your RMP knowledge together.
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After the certification you will receive:

to work with the RMP tool.
post-training support.
Access to
the RMP online platform.
A signed
stipulating the conditions
of cooperation.

People engaged
in certification

Kasia Janas & Ewa Jochheim
Together, they brought the RMP tool to Poland. They run Instytut Durkalskiego, conduct development projects and devise new solutions. They have the broad experience with the tool and are practitioners and trainers. They not only deal with RMP every day, but also know how to teach it. They will introduce you to the ins and outs of RMP profiling and teach how to use the tool.
Małgosia Burkat
Reiss Profile Master, trainer, business practitioner. On an everyday basis, she works with individual and business clients. She creates and runs development programs using the unique knowledge of RMP. In the certification process, she supports participants in exercises and examination tasks and prepares them for independent practice.
Monika Goszczyńska
She is responsible for organisation and administration at the Institute and is responsible for RMP certification. After certification, she will show you the RMP online portal. She is the person of first and last contact.
At all:
We invite many people, who will work with you and give you feedback. On the second and third day, you will learn about RMP using real profiles and drawing conclusions. These people will verify whether your analyses are correct, valid and assess how you cooperated.

Cost of certification

One time investment:

6 900 zł netto + 23% VAT
The price includes the package of materials and RPM profiles
of a total value exceeding 2 300 zł
  • Your RMP individual motivation profile before certification and a feedback session
  • 2 RMP motivation profiles to be used at the third stage of certification
  • Training materials – in an online or printed version
  • One copy of the book “What motivates you?” by Professor Steven Reiss (in Polish)
  • Materials to be used with clients:
  • 3 handbooks “Management by Individualisation”
  • Copy of the book “Chcieć, móc, potrafić. Dlaczego ludzie nie robią tego co powinni?”(in Polish)
  • Refreshments and lunch (onsite version)
  • Substantive support after certification

Dates for 2023

March 3, 2023
March 31, 2023
June 2, 2023

In order to apply for the certification:

Fill in the form

choose a suitable date.

Send it to:

We will confirm your participation
within 48 hours

you will receive a pro-forma invoice,
to be paid 2 weeks before
the date of the certification.

you will receive a link

to do your own
RMP motivation profile.

You will receive materials

to read before the certification workshops.


Iwona Bobrowska-Budny

Paulina Gucka

ACC ICF and Action Learning coach

‚‚It takes only one word to describe the cooperation with Instytut Durkalskiego RMP Polska – quality. Everything was ship-shape, well-thought, and balanced. This is work, but when you work with Ewa, Kasia and Monika, you get the impression that it is much more than that. Even small projects get full, professional support and you feel like they are worth “millions”. No one forces you to buy anything, but you still want to. This might be especially important for the Customers who work with the Institute on their sales.

The Institute representatives are an example themselves of how to do it tactfully, effectively and classy. ‘‘
Iwona Bobrowska-Budny

Iwona Wilczyńska-Batory

‚‚I am very much impressed by the Reiss Motivation Profile®, which gives you unlimited possibilities of personal development of individuals, groups, teams, adults and the youth (RSMP). An individual profile of every candidate is definitely a huge benefit. This is what makes it different to other tools, which merely show that the person belongs to a specific category.

You can apply it in various sectors, in individual coaching, in general coaching, business counselling for teams, as well as for leaders or managers (every employee individually), in sports. Thanks to RSMP, also in education, families and couples.

I also very much appreciate the Reiss Motivation Profile® for its strong theoretical and methodological foundation. ‘‘
Iwona Bobrowska-Budny

Iwona Bobrowska-Budny

Business trainer, merit partner for the Center of Excellence of Leon Koźmiński Academy

‚‚I am an HR specialist who looks for information and tries to understand why people behave in a given way, how to build complementary and self-motivating teams. For me, this had been the best certification process that I ever participated in, and I am competent to work with ten different psychometric and contextual tools. ‘‘
Danuta Regulska

Danuta Regulska

Personal development trainer

‚‚Thanks to the certification, I have gained new skills, but also understood myself and my surroundings better. Obtaining my own profile was a revolution that I did not expect. ‘‘
Dorota Ostrożańska

Łukasz Szymula

Manager, motivation and engagement trainer, consultant, coach, Reiss Profile Master, motivational speaker

‚‚I am a manager in an international company and I have been working on an employee engagement programme for the last few years. Motivation and engagement make a perfect couple, and thanks to implementing the Reiss Motivation Profile in the team, we learned what motivates us individually, what are strengths are, and how we function as a team. This tool, along with all workshop and training resources, is a very good and important solution for my managerial work.

I also use the Reiss Motivation Profile® in my capacity as a consultant and trainer, when I advice organisations on how to build engaged and motivated teams, based on a development process. I also use the individual Reiss Motivation Profile® in my coaching and training work with managers and sportspersons.

In order to complement my skills as a manager, business trainer and coach, I completed the Reiss Profile Master certification, along with the Reiss School Profile Master. The certification training organised by Instytut Durkalskiego RMP Polska was fully professional, demanding, full of knowledge and very good training material.

I can fully recommend the Reiss Motivation Profile® for everyone looking for knowledge and experience in motivation. ‘‘
Dorota Ostrożańska

Dorota Ostrożańska

Trainer, coach, consultant

‚‚The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a unique and precise tool. Why? It is unique in diagnosing both the factors that motivate people and their intensity, which allows to define in detail what and how encourages us to act or prevents us from it. ‘‘
Joanna Religa

Joanna Religa

Coach, counsellor

‚‚We value Ewa and Kasia, because they shared with us a lot of knowledge during the certification training. I can recommend it to anyone interested in motivation and willing to work in compliance with the newest knowledge and in cooperation with a wonderful team from Instytut Durkalskiego.‘‘
Michalina Tańska

Michalina Tańska

Copywriter, psychology student

‚‚Thanks to the Reiss Motivation Profile®, I have learned a lot of things about myself. I was convinced by the tool’s scientific basis, individual approach and positive psychology used in its interpretation.‘‘
Agata Węgier-Ciornei

Agata Węgier-Ciornei

Trainer, coach, consultant

‚‚I have been certified with the Reiss Motivation Profile® and successfully applying it in my coaching and training work. This is how my customers can understand their own behaviours, their foudnations and intrinsic motivation which is the basis for a happy life.‘‘
Iwona Kokoszka

Iwona Kokoszka

Business trainer, ACC ICF coach

‚‚The Reiss Motivation Profile® is the essence of inquisitiveness. It questions your perceptions and convictions showing what we are really like and what we want. What we can do and what not. We often search in the dark, because we don’t know ourselves.‘‘

Wioleta Wojtunik

New Distribution Network Director, Śnieżka SA

‚‚We liked the Reiss Motivation Profile, because it is precise, supported by research, and what is more, the results are easily interpreted. What convinced us to use the questionnaire was its universality and especially the constant nature of the motives over time.‘‘