RMP Master Certification

8.487,00  z VAT

The only certification course in Poland entitling to apply the Reiss Motivation Profile® methodology.

Based on reliable scientific knowledge, filled with practical, proprietary exercises, plenty of feedback, and positive energy – it will prepare you to work with individual and business clients.

You can find certification requirements, current dates, and more details on our website.


Become RMP Master!

Work with clients with the only methodology that measures a person’s intrinsic motivation in a scientific way. Dołącz do elitarnego grona RMP Masterów, którzy jako jedyni mogą stosować Reiss Motivation Profile®, by pomóc klientom w odkryciu potencjału i realizacji nawet najbardziej ambitnych celów.

Certification is completed through an exam on the fourth day (in the onsite programme version) or on the fifth day (in the online version). After passing the exam, you receive the named title of Reiss Profile® Master. It authorizes you to use the tool independently in your professional work. Po historiach naszych RMP Masterów widzimy, że ten certyfikat otwiera im nowe ścieżki kariery.

The RMP Master certification course has been prepared by practitioners for practitioners: coaches, trainers, HR departments, psychologists, career advisors, and all professionals working in the personal development industry, as well as managers who aim to effectively manage people.

The Reiss Motivation Profile® is a tool diagnosing 16 internal motivators developed by Prof. Steven Reiss. It has gained international recognition and has been translated into 23 languages to date. It precisely measures an individual’s internal motivation. Invaluable in business, sports, and personal life. For individuals, couples, and teams. It is probably the only internal motivation diagnosing test in the world that meets all the requirements set for professional psychometric tools and is based on an original scientific model. RMP is: reliable, accurate, objective, standardized, and normalized. The adaptation process of the tool in Poland has been carried out with full scientific rigor. In order to ensure measurement accuracy, RMP parameters are continuously verified. Reiss Motivation Profile® has Polish norms (last normalization in 2022).

Since 2014, over 25,000 individuals in Poland have discovered their motivational profiles.

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