Who Am I? Steven Reiss

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Contents: What is a basic desire; Why my dog saves socks; Why kids and elephants will make you wet; Why a secretary feared heights; One size does not fit All; I don’t get it, and neither do you; Value =based happiness; How relationships grow;  Turning into play; All in the family; Why my father was a mets fan; The scientific study of the human spirit.

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What do we want? What makes us tick? From acceptance to vengeance to curiosity, this book explains the 16 basic and universal desires that shape our behaviour—and shows how the ways we prioritize them determines our personalities. Grounded in up-to-date psychological research, this book can help:

  • parents comprehend their children’s needs and behaviour
  • couples understand each other better
  • employers motivate their employees 
  • employees become more effective in their work
  • YOU achieve greater satisfaction and happiness in life


Wydawnictwo: The Berkley Publishing Group
Rok wydania: 2000
Język: angielski
Rodzaj: książka
Okładka: miękka
Ilość stron: 280
Format: 15,5 x 23 cm

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